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The 2023 Downtown Artists Coop Photo Expo Photography Gallery

Artwork will be for sale for in-gallery purchases only.

Please contact the gallery for more information.

This Expo is 100% in-gallery as well as a 100% online event; all work is viewable online and in the gallery,


Mark Griggs Best Of Show

                Seraphim Wings, Cliff Whittaker


Nature/Animals Category

                1st Place  Blackberry Blossoms, Jo Fields

                2nd Place  Hummingbird, David Kowall

                3rd Place  Blue Heron Sunrise, Cliff Whittaker

                Honorable Mention  Eagle 1, David Kowal

                Honorable Mention  Moose Lake Moose, David Thomack


Landscape/Cityscape Category

                1st Place  Carcass, Justus Thomas

                2nd Place  Yesterday at the Beach, Tony Centonze

                3rd Place Sewanee Layout, Nancy Stalls

                Honorable Mention  Curved Space, Justus Thomas

                Honorable Mention  Christmas in the Harbor, Richard Knight

                Honorable Mention, My Favorite Cliché, Barb Edwards Cobb


Still Life/Interiors

                1st Place  Dried Pomegranates, Vicki Davenport

                2nd Place  Glass Full of Heart, Hope Flores


Human Portrait/Figure

                1st Place  Anomaly, Alex Sumner

                2nd Place  Faith, Alex Sumner

                3rd Place  My Father was a Farmer Too, Sara King

                Honorable Mention  Find Your Fire, Alex Sumner


Alternative Darkroom Processes

                1st Place  Surrender, Susan Bryant



BOS Seraphim Wings, Cliff Whittaker  -  Nature Animals Category.jpg
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