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Why Givebutter.
After losing our beautiful in-person auction location, we researched auction options. An in-gallery auction supported by an online bidding option was the best fit.
We partnered Givebutter after researching the platform, reading numerus accolades, noting solid ratings, and receiving a respected recommendation from a fellow nonprofit, the choice was clear - Givebutter was the best fit.

Since Covid, DAC’s options for fundraising have been limited while our expenses have continued to increase, so it is with great excitement we announce we will once again offer an art auction – this time with a new format and location.  You have been a valued supporter of DAC in the past and we hope you will continue to show your support by participating in our auction.


We are partnering with GiveButter, a well-known fundraising company, to offer our first on-line auction this July.  All the artwork featured will be created especially for this event by DAC members. Since we feel it’s important that bidders can see the pieces live, they will be on display in the DAC Spires Gallery beginning with the First Thursday Art Walk, July 11, through Saturday, July 20.  The auction will go live during the Art Walk, and all bidding will be done on our GiveButter auction site.  You can access the auction on both home computers and on mobile devices. Final bidding will close July 20th at 7:30pm.


To assist with registering to bid, there will be a Help Desk at DAC during the Art Walk Thursday, the 11th. There is a link to the secure auction site with registration instructions on the homepage of our website,


We hope to see you at the July Art Walk, July 11, from 5:00 to 8:00.

Once again, thank you for your generous support of the Downtown Artists Co-op.



The DAC Auction Committee

Leah Foote

Patty Gabilondo

Bevelry Parker

Carmen Rein

Stephen Schlegel 

DAC Auction Registration - how to
DAC Auction Registration - how to

To register to bid:
  • Open the auction website from either your computer or from your phone or tablet.
  • Click the blue Register to bid button.
  • Sign up to bid
    • Enter your first and last name
    • Enter your phone number (your mobile number will allow you to receive texts about the status of your bids).  Otherwise, your bidding status will be relayed to you via email.
    • Create an account
      • Your email will be your username
      • Create a password
    • Submit
    • You will receive a code to verify your email is correct
    • Since payments are by credit card, you will enter your credit card number
    • Enter your billing address
    • Save and Continue
    • You have the option to cover your credit card fees or have DAC pay them
    • You have the option to hide your name and appear anonymous

Your registration is complete.  

To view items and bid, click “Browse Auction” and begin
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2024 DAC Auction without date

2024 DAC Auction with date

2024 DAC Auction logo graphic

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