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Annual DAC Regional Juried Art Exposition - August 2023 - Online Gallery

This online gallery is proudly sponsored by
Cliff Whittaker

This Expo is 100% in-gallery as well as a 100% online event; all work is viewable online and in the gallery


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Best in Show

Celestial Quilt – Jane Olson

People's Choice a.jpg

People's Choice

The Pour - Frank Lot

People's Choice b.jpg

People's Choice

Evergreens in the Mist -
Joe Mclain

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3-D/Fiber Arts


1st Place:  Cosmic Party – Michelle Landl
2nd Place:  Steampunk Birthday – Steve Chlupsa
3rd Place:  Florence – Frank Lyne

Mixed Media/Collage

1st Place:  Eye See the World Burning, Jennifer Pierstorff
2nd Place:  Astral Projection, Mehgan Jernigan
3rd Place:  659 Third Avenue, Karen Wollenberg

Acrylic Media


1st Place:  Harbinger, Blossom Robertson
2nd Place:  Daddy’s First Aid, Alison Lyne
3rd Place:  Nashville’s Best BBQ, Sarah Spillers
Honorable Mention: The Evil Eye, Destiny McCamant


Oil Media

1st Place:  Irrational Fears, Asad Thomas
2nd Place:  The Scale House, Betty Liles
3rd Place:  My Father’s Garden, Jane Olson
Honorable Mention: Gallatin City Cemetery, Toby Delk

Honorable Mention:  The Blue Vase, Betty Hargis


1st Place:  The Reckoning, Ellen Money
2nd Place:  Approaching Storm, Betty Liles

Water Media

1st Place:  Karma, Karma Chameleon, Annalee Parker
2nd P
lace:  The Pour, Frank Lott
3rd Place:  The Inventor’s Apprentice, Steve Chlupsa

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