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2022 DAC & Friends Art Expo

April 2021 - DAC & Friends
The Board of the Downtown Artists Cooperative and its artist members are proud to announce the exhibit for April 2021 entitled DAC & Friends.

This exhibit will be having two openings to celebrate it, respectively
the arrival of spring:
  - an informal opening reception on First Thursday of the month, April 1st, from 5PM to 8PM,
  - an opening reception on the second Thursday of the same month, April 8th, from 5PM to 8 PM for the Artwalk Downtown Historic Clarksville, TN.

Admission is free.
We are very appreciative of both our artists’ efforts and the community’s continued support for the local arts and its venues’ well-being.

This exhibit is meant to honor and celebrate the friendships between local artists and to create an opportunity for other creative minds to exhibit their works by teaming up with DAC Members throughout the month.

The exhibit for April 2021 is open to all members to exhibit artworks alongside one or two friends of theirs, including artists from their families, and seek out to encourage the display of their artistic endeavors.

DAC & Friends started as a DAC outreach initiative under Daryle Grenead and Peggy’s supervision and the current DAC leadership wishes to continue offering opportunities to local artists - members and nonmembers alike, recognizing the past and present efforts of DAC’s mission and objectives as stated in its bylaws.
This exhibition generously sponsored by:
   Sango Wine and Spirits
   F&M Bank
   Jane & Gerald Gilman
   Kay & Ranndy Hasse
   Walter & Cindy Marczak
  • For updates and more information, please visit:
    • DAC’s website at
    • Official social media accounts:
      • Twitter: @Clarksville_DAC
      • Facebook: Downtown Artists Cooperative or @clarksvilleartists
      • Instagram: @downtown.artists.cooperative
  • The DAC is also proud to announce that the Gallery is art sponsoring the Children's Gallery Wall at the Clarksville Public Library.
    • Located on the 2nd floor and under the supervision of artist members and volunteers.
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