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Annual DAC Regional Juried Art Exposition - August 2022 - Online Gallery
One of three annual DAC sponsored juried art events!

This online gallery is proudly sponsored by:
Beachaven Vineyards & Winery

This Expo is 100% in-gallery as well as a 100% online event; all work is viewable online and in the gallery


A Day In My Shoes.jpg

Best in Show

A Day In My Shoes | Tricia Faulkner | Acrylic Media

Larry_Richardson_Swan Lake_oil.JPG

People's Choice

Swan Lake | Larry Richardson | Oil Media

202208 - ADRJAE Awrard Ribbon - peoples choice.png
202208 - ADRJAE Awrard Ribbon - BoS.png
art expo ribbons BOS v2021.png
art expo ribbons 1st v2021.png
art expo ribbons 2nd v2021.png
art expo ribbons 3rd v2021.png
art expo ribbons HM v2021.png

3-D/Fiber Arts


1st Place   |   Seeking the Truth   |   Jim Diehr

2nd Place   |   Sleeping DeeR   |   Susan Lawless

3rd Place   |   Musk Ox   |   Frank Lyne

HM   |   Beautiful Function Scraffito   |   Kelley Ball          
HM   |   Pelican   |   Susan Lawless

Mixed Media/Collage

1st Place   |   New Mercies   |   Kelley Ball

2nd Place   |   Yellowstone   |   Laura Gilman

3rd Place   |   I Can Dance Alone   |   Alison Fullerton

HM   |   Mountains Calling   |   Kelley Ball           

HM   |   Blue Dreamworld   |   Jane Olson         

HM   |    Jamie Lives in a Wonky World   |   Jennifer Pierstorff

Acrylic Media


1st Place   |   Angel In Training   |   Tricia Faulkner

2nd Place   |   Paris Hugs   |   Alison Lyne

3rd Place   |   A Gate to my Past   |   Verna Chlupsa

HM   |   Flower Still Life  Rheanne Bouchard         

HM   |   Backyard Sanctuary   |   Kathy Merkt      

HM   |   Printers Alley   |   Sarah Spillers    

Oil Media

1st Place   |   Spring Meadow   |   Kris Lee

2nd Place   |   Sundown in the Philippines   |   Arrie Arcega

3rd Place   |   Rushing Lake   |   Sally Taylor

HM   |   Winter Walk at Edwin Warner Park   |   Barbara Gronefeld

HM   |   Cold Morning Bobby Smith Farm   |   Wade McMackins

HM   |   Autumn in NY   |   Sally Taylor


1st Place   |   Two Stop Lights   |   Richard Gronefeld

2nd Place   |   Two Trees   |   Richard Gronefeld

3rd Place   |   The Goat Motel   |   Wade McMackins

HM   |   Mighty Hunter   |   Steven Chlupsa

HM   |   Mr. Whitelow   |   Wade McMackins           

HM   |   Huh?   |   Nadine Shillingford

Water Media

1st Place   |   A Fragmented Life   |   Leah Foote

2nd Place   |   FreeBird   |   Steven Chlupsa

3rd Place   |   Bamboo Dream   |   Daniela Thomas

HM   |   Calypso   |   Jim Diehr            

HM   |   Exkousa Me   |   Pat Patrick

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