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Cliff Whittaker

Birds of Middle Tennessee

September 2022

Another stunning series from award winning wildlife photographer Cliff Whittaker. Cliff offers us a rare glimpse of an amazing world of the birds around us by bringing us in close to their lives. He takes wildlife photography to another level by offering a unique and beautiful visual narrative. 


The story is theirs; he is the storyteller.


We eagerly await the Birds of Middle Tennessee and the experience of shape and color, and of motion and emotions. With over 50 works, Clifton’s visual journey is expected to please the eye, warm the heart, and brighten your day. 



Join in on artwalk experience:


Reception: Thur, Sept 1st, 5-8 PM

Show on display: Sept 1st -Oct 1st

202209 - POSTER - Cliff Whittaker - Birds of Middle Tennessee.jpg

Download the Mailer

Download the Poster

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