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Roses on the Moon

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This original oil painting "Roses on the Moon" by local artist D.C.Thomas is an abstract rendition of childhood aspirations and dreams.

The artist generously used high quality oil paints to abstractly render the floral subject matter and mirror the dreams of the inner child, which seemingly pertain to a world that resides beyond any earthly realm.

Being very subjective in the approach the artist always takes when painting with oils, D.C.Thomas considers to have succeeded in composing the appropriate color palette to depict the wondrous universe in which her inner child would happily seek refuge.

This impasto oil painting was completed in 2018 and it took at least 6 months, from the moment of completion, for the oil palette to dry to the point of the artwork safely being handled for transportation.

Professionally framed and wired.

For more about the artist, visit www.DCTHOM.com

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