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2023  |  Jennifer C. Pierstorff  - She Chooses Which Direction to Grow

“She Chooses Which Direction to Grow” is the underlying sentiment of Jennifer C. Pierstorff’s body of work, that evolved into the exhibit title.  Jennifer C. Pierstorff is a national award-winning visual artist that has exhibited all over the country who joined the Downtown Artists Cooperative Gallery in Spring of 2022. Her artistic growth challenge of 2022 was designed to push herself out of her comfort zone, by exploring a new to her territory, faces and figures.  She chose to take her art in a new direction.


The overall series grew over the course of the year into multiple mini-series within the larger whole.  She found joy and freedom in wonky abstracted faces done with Neocolor and mixed media, using some pharmaceutical inserts, as a reference to her years of medical abstract art.  Her lively, playful, expressive figurative art has grown into a world of dreams and wishes.  She fell in love with painting interesting angles, shadows and shapes of the figure, allowing a colorful, patterned background to peek through the figure itself.  There is a nod to her past botanical art in many of the pieces. While creating, she enters a state of flow and freedom that results in her vibrant use of color, playful lines and vines, and abstract mixed media portraits. The result is expressive, colorful and playful figurative art combined with wild, wonky abstracted mixed media faces. 

1x1 - 202301-DAC-JCP.jpg
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