Annual DAC & Friends Exposition

- The exhibit for September is open to all members to exhibit a piece of their work, hopefully new work, to display along with a Friend of theirs.
- The Friend each member selects will be able to submit an artwork to display with their DAC member.
- There is no age requirement for the Friend they choose. However, the work submitted by the DACster and the Friend should follow the same rules for submitting artwork for any show in the gallery.
- The work must be framed with a hang-ready wire, be clean and presentable and have the identifying information for the artists.
- If you and a friend would like to participate in this exhibit, please send your info to either Daryle or Daniela or stop by DAC and sign up on the clipboard at the front desk.
- All artwork for this exhibit should be submitted by noon on August 31st in the appropriate place in the back room. Please tag each work with artist name, media, title, and price.

Please direct any questions to Daryle at or text message at 931-237-2491 or Daniela at