Event Statement
Updated receiving and returning dates changed to accommodate holidays
The Montgomery County Veterans Coalition (MCVC) has partnered with a fellow nonprofit, the Downtown Artists Co-Op (DAC) to provide the community an opportunity to experience the creative path veterans walk-in expressing themselves through art and craftsmanship. The MCVC Veterans’ Art Expo, the first of its kind art event, provides the platform to express varying experiences, interests, and talents of our friends, neighbors, coworkers, and fellow residents of Tennessee and Kentucky, who just happen to be Veterans of the U.S. Armed Services as well.
The DAC and MCVC are passionate about our community and continually seek ways to enrich it. They both take up the task and get to work actively and positively engaging the community, each in their lane of contribution. The DAC has a long and rich history of service and community investment in the arts. The MCVC exists to create a veteran community that improves the quality of life for veterans and their families through education, advocacy, resources, and collaboration with partners in the community such as the Downtown Artists Co-Op.
The MCVC is grateful to the DAC for their willingness, eagerness, and enthusiasm regarding the 2022 MCVC Veterans’ Art Expo.
Any proceeds from this show will be a donation to both MCVC and the DAC.
The following are the rules and requirements for entering the 2022 MCVC VETERANS’ ART EXPO.
Please read the prospectus carefully.


All U.S. Armed Services active duty and veteran artists, craftsmen, and artisans, 18 years or older residing in Tennessee or Kentucky may enter.  All work submitted must have been completed within the past 3 years.  All work must be original in concept, composition, and execution; solely created by the artist, and not produced with the assistance/help of an instructor.
Completion of the entry form constitutes agreement by the entrant that there shall be no liability on the part of the Downtown Artists Co-op, Montgomery County Veterans Coalition, or any members or sponsors for loss, damage, or destruction of any works.  Insurance of artwork is the sole responsibility of the participating entrant. 
Also, by entering this event, you give consent to the DAC and Montgomery County Veterans Coalition to use imagery of work for the promotion of the exhibition and the online DAC gallery.
Artists may submit a total of 3 works from the 2D and 3D categories.
2D is defined as where the composition possesses dimensions of length and width; however, does not possess depth.
  • Photography: Traditional or digital, includes alternative processing and digital photo manipulation.
  • Digital printed art: A print from digitally created media including images created completely on a computer, cellphone, or tablet. Printed using several different printing methods and on a variety of different print materials. We include disciplines such as Graphic Design, Photopainting, Digital Painting, and Composite creation.
  • Drawing: Graphite, Charcoal, Ink, Pastels, Markers, Pen, Crayons, Chalk, Colored Pencil
  • Oil Media: Oil Paints, Oil Pastels, Water soluble oil paints
  • Acrylic Media: Acrylic Paints, Acrylic Gouache, Acrylic Ink, Industrial Paints
  • Water Media: Solid, liquid, or powder watercolor, Gouache, Tempera Paints
  • Mixed Media/Collage: At least two different media; Collage, Montage, Experimental
3D is defined as artwork possessing height, width, and depth.
  • Pottery
  • Jewelry
  • Textile and Fiber arts include both woven and non-woven materials
  • Assemblage/Mixed Media
  • Sculpture: a free-standing, Low and high relief; Stone or wood carving, Casting, Modeling, Hot forging, Welding, Glass art techniques, and similar methods and techniques.
  • Pyrography
** Sharp or potentially dangerous work. Any sharp items must have a secured barrier between it and the public. A barrier could be a sealed case such as a shadow box or securable sheath.
** Entries that decay cannot be accepted. Dried plant elements: flowers, leaves, seasoning or spice are accepted as long as it is sealed, press dried, or sealed in epoxy.
  • 2D & Hanging Art:
    • The maximum allowable size is 36" on any side and 20 lbs. Additionally, all work must be securely framed and back-wired, ready for hanging.
  • 3D Art:
    • Limited to 36” on any side and a maximum of 100 lbs. Additionally, any unstable or top-heavy work will be disqualified.
  • Easily pilferable art:
    • We define easily pilferable art as; Art easily hidden or covered in a jacket, pocket, purse, bag, sack, or by similar means. This is more concerning when the size or flexibility of the art’s medium/substrate can be concealed by the means above.
    • The DAC does not have a process to reasonably safeguard easily pilferable art. Items that are easily pilfered such as jewelry, pens, and cloth must be displayed in a shadow box or by similar means providing equal security.
All 2D work and entries intended to be displayed as hanging or easel art must be securely framed and back-wired, ready for hanging on our hanging system.
Your work is very important to us, and we take all reasonable measures to ensure its safety. Therefore, we have updated the terms and policy of hanging display art to better reflect our dedication to safeguarding art.
We define securely framed and back-wired as possessing the following qualities:
  • Frame: Decorative edging, material independent, multiple segments or single continuous material; sturdy and strong enough to resist flexing, warping, shrinking, or similar malfunction. Additionally, the material the frame is constructed of must be able to confidently support its own weight, by wall-hanging presentation, when using the back-wired option.
  • Support material:
    • D-rings or similar mechanism rated for the weight of the art affixed to the frame by screw, physically embedded in the frame or attached by epoxy and by two points on the frame.
    • Picture frame wire physically embedded in the frame or connecting two D-rings; rated weight capacity exceeding the total weight of the artwork.
  • ​Saw-tooth hangers will not be accepted.
  • No art with alternative hanging systems will be accepted.
All entries and entry fees will be made online at dac.gallery
The entry window is:
  • The website opens for entry @ 9 am Saturday, April 23rd.
  • Entry deadline @ 9 pm Saturday, May 21st.
1.  Complete the online entry form and pay the entry fee prior to the deadline.
  • Entry fee:
    • First entry; $20 ($20)
    • Second entry: $15 ($35)
    • Third: $10 ($45)
NOTE ** Fees are non-refundable.
2.  Upload a digital (JPEG) image of each entry. Images will be posted on the DAC website and social media exactly as submitted.
  • Each image must be a minimum of 72 dpi, with a maximum file size of 2 MB.
  • The digital image should be cropped to show only the artwork. For framed work, the submission image must be without mat or frame.
  • Care should be taken to avoid glare on images submitted.
  • Correctly orient the image as viewed, vertically or horizontally.
  • Rename the JPEG file (as follows) before upload:
    • FirstName LastName-Title.jpg
                "John Smith-Sunday afternoon.jpg"
3. Download and print the information tag form. Complete a form for each entry, ensuring the entry information matches the information on the entry form and tag.
  • Cut out the information tag and secure it to the back for 2D work. For 3D work, attach to the bottom, back, or affixed where seems reasonable and not distracting to the presentation of the work. Attach the matched tag to the artwork prior to delivery to the DAC Gallery.
NOTE ** Submission of art does not equate to acceptance.
            ** The gallery is not responsible for cropping or naming the digital image.
            ** Artwork not labeled correctly may be disqualified.
            ** Acceptance of the art is at the discretion of The DAC member receiving the art.
  • Art must be delivered to the DAC Gallery, 96 Franklin Street, Clarksville, TN.
    • Saturday, May 28th, 9 pm-1 pm
  • Physical Entries will be checked to confirm the online entry procedure has been completed and entries meet specified requirements. Entries not meeting requirements may be disqualified from entry.
  • Expo Reception: Thursday, June 2nd, 5-8 pm.
  • The DAC recommends and encourages all artists to attend the opening reception.
  • The exhibit will be on display in the DAC Gallery from Thursday, June 2nd, 5 pm - Saturday, July 2nd. Additionally, artwork images will be displayed on the DAC website throughout the exhibition.
    • Artists are encouraged to share their work from the online gallery.
  • DAC reserves the right to not display images that are inflammatory, pornographic, or otherwise deemed to be offensive to the public.
  • DAC strongly encourages all entries to be priced for sale.DAC will receive a 25% commission on all sales. Sold work must remain on display at the Gallery through the end of the exhibit. Funds from all sales will be delivered to artists after the exhibition and no later than July 31, 2022. 
  • All entries must remain on display for the duration of the exhibit.
  • At the conclusion of the exhibit, work must be picked up and signed for at the gallery
    • Friday, July 1st, 9 am-5 pm
    • Saturday, July 2nd, 9 pm-5 pm
  • Website opens for entry  | Saturday, April 23rd at 9 am
  • Entry deadline | Saturday, May 21st at 9 pm
  • Delivery of artwork to DAC | Saturday, May 28th, 9 pm-1 pm
  • Expo open | June 2nd – July 2nd
  • Online gallery active | Thursday, June 2nd
  • Expo reception | Thursday, June 2nd, 5-8 pm
  • Pickup of artwork | Friday, July 1st, 9 am-5 pm
  • Pickup of artwork | Saturday, July 2nd, 9 pm-5 pm
Or call the Gallery during open hours, Fridays 12-4 pm, Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm & By Appointment | 931-919-3770

Entry window has closed for this event