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Selected works from our Online Marketplace
India Ink & Sumi Ink on Rice Paper
Roses on the Moon
In lieu of turmoil
Barren white Tryptic (Barren white no. 1-3)
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DAC officers for 2021; President, ​​Jennifer Ingalls; Vice-President, Stephen Schlegel; Secretary, Shane Moore; and Treasurer, Bob Privett

Peggy Bonnington

Hope Brill

Janet Felts

Leah Foote

Filiz Griffin

Eunice Kern

Jackie Langford

Betty Liles

Gail Meyer

Jane Moore

Shane Moore (Secretary)

Jane Olson

Beverly  Parker

Bob Privett (Treasurer)

Stephen Schlegel (Vice-President)

Daniela Thomas

Cliff Whittaker

Connie Livingston-Dunn

Mary Hoffpauir

Kathy Merkt

Toni Allinder

Sally Taylor

Brigitta  Dixon


Richard Gildrie

​​Jennifer Ingalls (President)

Jackie Lewis

Allene Phy-Olsen

Gerald Gilman

Heidi Hopkins